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  Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Q: What are the requirements for teacher certification in Saskatchewan?

A: Candidates for a Saskatchewan Teacher’s Certificate have: 

  • Completed grade 12 or equivalent,
  • Completed 4 years of Post-secondary education and hold a bachelors degree, 
  • Have completed a teacher education program comprised of at least 48 semester credit hours of teacher education that includes an extended practicum, and
  • Hold a teaching certificate for the jurisdiction where they completed their teacher education program.

The Self Evaluation Checklist provides details of the requirements for Teacher Certification in Saskatchewan.  If you received your teacher education outside of Canada, you may want to complete this checklist before embarking on the application process.

If you hold a teaching certificate from another Canadian jurisdiction, you will qualify for a Saskatchewan Teacher's Certificate.  In some instances the certificate may be issued as a Provisional certificate.  See below for more information about Provisional Certificates. 

The requirements for a Professional A Teacher’s Certificate can be found here.

Q: What is the difference between a Probationary Certificate and a Provisional Certificate?

A: Probationary
A Probationary Teacher's Certificate is an emergency licence that is issued when an employer is unable fill a teaching position with a person who qualifies for a teaching certificate.  The application for a Probationary Certificate is made by the employer on behalf of the person they wish to employ as a teacher.

When Provisional is placed in front of the name of one of the Saskatchewan Teacher's Certificates it indicates that the certificate is an interim certificate that has certain conditions associated with it.  Certificates with provisions are issued to teachers who received their Teacher Education outside of Canada or who have practice limitations or restrictions associated with a certificate they hold from another Canadian jurisdiction. The conditions under which Provisional Certificates are issued typically involve the completion of further coursework, in order to fully meet Saskatchewan's Teacher Certification Requirements, or for the successful completion of one year (190 days) of teaching and recommendation of the director of education for permanent certification.

Q: What types of certificates are issued?

A: The most common teaching certificate issued is the Professional A Teacher’s Certificate.  This certificate is the one that is earned by the graduates of the Saskatchewan Bachelor of Education programs.  Holders of Professional A Certificates are permitted to teach all subjects to students in pre-kindergarten through grade twelve.Information about our other certificates can be found here.

Q: Why was I issued a Provisional Professional A Certificate with conditions for more teacher education courses?

A: Due to the Labour Mobility Chapter (Chapter 7) of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), most teachers who hold a permanent teaching certificate from another Canadian jurisdiction will, upon application, receive a permanent Saskatchewan Teacher's Certificate.  The exception is when an applicant holds a certificate upon which there is scope of practice restriction or limitation.  Since Saskatchewan does not have an equivalent certificate to offer these applicants, they are granted a Provisional certificate and are required to complete sufficient coursework to cause them to meet Saskatchewan's Teacher Certification Requirements.

Q: What is meant by teacher education coursework?

A: Teacher education coursework is undergraduate level teacher education coursework similar to that which is taught in the Saskatchewan Bachelor of Education programs through a Faculty of Education.  For example: a mathematics course taught through the College of Arts and Science is not considered teacher education, while a Teaching Mathematics Methodology class taught by the Faculty of Education is a teacher education course.

In most instances, graduate level coursework is not considered to be equivalent to the undergraduate teacher education required for initial teacher certification.University courses offered through the Ontario College of Teachers' Additional Qualification Program are considered teacher education courses and are equivalent to 6 credit hours of study.

Q: How long will it take for me to get my certificate?

A: The length of time it takes to issue a certificate depends upon the complexity and completeness of the application.

Targets for the issuance of a certificate upon the receipt of a complete information package: 

  • For people who graduated from a teacher education program in Saskatchewan:  2 weeks. 
  • For people who graduated from a teacher education program elsewhere in Canada or who hold a Teacher’s Certificate from another Canadian jurisdiction or who completed their teacher education program in the USA:  4 weeks. 
  • For people who graduated from a teacher education program outside of Canada or the USA and hold a teaching certificate from the jurisdiction where they took their initial teacher education:  2 months.

Note:  During peak times the assessment process may take longer.

Incomplete applications packages cause significant delays!

Q: What is a WES evaluation and why do I require one?

A: World Education Services (WES) is a member of the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC).  Educator Services requires credentials acquired in foreign counties to be evaluated by WES.  The WES course-by-course evaluation provides Educator Services with the following information:

  • a verification of authenticity, 
  • a general statement of Canadian equivalency,·
  • a translation of course names into English,·
  • a semester credit hour conversion for the length of each course, 
  • a copy of the transcripts submitted to WES by the applicant, 
  • an email notices upon receipt of a request for an evaluation, and·
  • an email version of the completed evaluation. 

The WES evaluation is a tool Educator Services uses when determining an applicant’s suitability to hold a Saskatchewan Teacher’s Certificate.  WES does not assess whether or not an applicant meets Saskatchewan’s Teacher Certification Requirements.  The assessment of whether or not an applicant meets Saskatchewan’s Teacher Certification Requirements is conducted by Educator Services. 

Q: I have a teaching certificate from Canada, why do I have to have a WES assessment?

A: The WES assessment provides a course-by-course evaluation that includes a semester credit hour equivalency calculation.  In Saskatchewan a teacher’s salary classification is determined by the total number of semester hours of post-secondary education the teacher has completed as well as a combination of the degrees and certificates they hold.  The information provided in the WES evaluation will help Educator Services assist employers when determining the appropriate salary classification for teachers who have completed post-secondary study outside of Canada.

Q: What are the minimum language proficiency standards?

A: Applicants from countries where the primary (official) language is not English or French must achieve the following minimum scores:

  • TOEFL iBT: a total score of 98 with a minimum of 23 on reading, 23 on listening, 27 on speaking and 25 on writing 
  • TOEFL CBT and TSE-P:  237 (TOEFL CBT) and 50 (TSE-P) 
  • IELTS Academic:  overall band score of 6.5 with no band below 6 and with a minimum of 7 on the speaking and writing bands.

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