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        Saturday, July 30, 2016

Financing the public education system in Saskatchewan is a shared responsibility between the provincial government and boards of education.

  • The government provides funding from general revenues that is distributed to boards of education; and 
  • Municipalities collect education property tax from property owners, based on tax rates that are set by government and remit the tax to boards of education.

For general information on local assessment and taxation please refer to Ministry of Municipal Affairs at .

Education Property Tax Forms

2013 - Education property tax mill rates can be found on the Ministry of Government relations website.

News Release

2012 - Education property tax mill rates will remain at the 2011 rate.

2011 - Education Property Tax will be reduced by $55.6 million, fulfilling Government's promise to provide Education Property Tax relief.  The mill rates have been set at 3.91 mills for agriculture, 9.51 mills for residential, 12.25 mills for commercial property tier 1, 14.75 mills for commercial property tier 2, and 18.55 mills for commercial property tier 3.

News Release

2010 - The lower-than-expected potash revenues meant that difficult decisions were needed in this year's budget.  Due to budget restraints, education property tax cuts are not possible in 2010.  The 2010 rates for each property class will remain at the 2009 levels.  

News Release

2009 - Changes to Education Property Tax

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