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          Monday, July 25, 2016

Established in 1989, the LIVE SatNet was provided and operated by the Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN), on behalf of the Ministries of Education and Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration. During 2009-10 the network was upgraded and expanded to now include all provincial PreK-12 schools and regional college campuses. In June 2010, the assets of the network were transferred from SCN to SaskTel. The ministry is working with SaskTel to ensure a smooth transition for the service transfer.

The LIVE SatNet supports live programming in the forms of PreK-12 and post-secondary credit and non-credit courses, teacher support and professional learning, and continuing education opportunities.

The network consists primarily of three closed-circuit television channels that are used by educational institutions to deliver live broadcasts to students in educational facilities throughout Saskatchewan. With recent upgrades to the network, broadcasts can be viewed on any computer monitor or data projector connected to a school or college network, or on a television connected to a satellite receiver. Video streaming, live and archived, is provided via the Internet and CommunityNet to complement the broadcast technology. Most broadcasts are supplemented with on-line materials, often using Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard, WebCT, and Moodle. Video, audio and web conferencing systems, including Adobe Connect, can be incorporated into the broadcasts to enhance the delivery and interactivity of courses and events.

Broadcast facilities are currently located at the University of Saskatchewan, Educational Media Access and Production; University of Regina, AV Services; SIAST Palliser Campus; Saskatoon Public School Division office; Campbell Collegiate (Regina); Viscount Central School; St. Peter School (Regina); and Northlands College (Creighton). Any facility equipped with video conference equipment and CommunityNet connectivity can originate classes and other special programs on the network for receipt at LIVE SatNet sites equipped with satellite receivers or network devices throughout Saskatchewan.

While the primary use of the network is for the delivery of credit courses, the remaining capacity is available for programming by the province's formal learning sector including: Ministry of Education; Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration; PreK-12 and post-secondary education institutions and organizations; and the provincial library system. The provincial infrastructure is provided at no cost to the education partners to provide programming via the network (studio charges or costs of guest speakers may be applicable).

Programming examples include professional development, training or in service, partner consultations or announcements. Examples of previous satellite video broadcasts can be viewed at Click on Surviving off Campus Studies or Other Material then choose a category to view an archived broadcast.

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